Frequently Asked Questions


Will Clotacin affect my INR?  

No, Clotacin is formulated without vitamin K as well as adjusted levels of other key ingredients and will not impact your INR.


Does Clotacin contain vitamin K? 

No, Clotacin does not contain vitamin K


Is Clotacin gluten free? 

Clotacin does not contain gluten as an ingredient, however Clotacin is made in a lab that does have products that contain gluten, so it is impossible for me to state with certainty that clotacin doesn’t contain trace elements of gluten picked up during the manufacturing process.


Is Clotacin Doctor recommended? 

Many Doctors recommend Clotacin to their patients, however we always recommend speaking to your Physician first before adding any nutritional supplements to their diet.


Does Clotacin help with Hair Loss? 

Yes, we added Biotin to the formulation which helps fight hair loss.


Can you cut Clotacin in half? 

Yes you can cut clotacin in half.


How big are the Clotacin caplets? 

We describe Clotacin as medium in size however it can be cut in half.


Are there any dyes in Clotacin? 

No, Clotacin does not have any dyes, the color is the natural result of pressing the ingredients together.


Is Clotacin available at CVS or Walgreens? 

No Clotacin is not available at the large chain stores,  we only sell through independently owned (Mom and Pop) pharmacy’s.   If you would like the locally owned pharmacy to carry Clotacin for you please have them email us at info@clotacin.com


Does Clotacin offer free shipping?  

If you order a 6 month supply or greater you get free shipping.


How do I return Clotacin if I am not satisfied? 

Please review our return policy here for instructions


Is Clotacin FDA approved? 

Nutritional supplements are not covered by the FDA, however the lab that manufactures Clotacin is a FDA certified lab.


Is Clotacin manufactured overseas? 

No, Clotacin is proudly manufactured in the USA


Can Clotacin be shipped internationally? 

Yes we have shipped Clotacin all over the world.


I made a mistake on my shipping instructions how can I change it? 

Please email shipping@clotacin.com


If you are an independent pharmacy and would like to carry Clotacin in your stores please email us at info@clotacin.com and we will provide you pricing and minimum quantities.

If you are a customer and would like your neighborhood pharmacy to carry Clotacin please have them email us at info@clotacin.com